Patrick Kastner

Assistant Professor — School of Architecture — Georgia Institute of Technology

359D Hinman Building
723 Cherry St NW
Atlanta, GA 30332

Patrick Kastner is an Assistant Professor with the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech, specializing in environmental performance simulation and the decarbonization of buildings and cities.

He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Systems Science and Engineering from Cornell University. During his doctoral research, he developed Eddy3D, a microclimate modeling software toolkit for Rhino & Grasshopper, now adopted by leading institutions in both academia and practice.

After completing his Ph.D., Kastner continued his work with the Environmental Systems Lab at Cornell AAP as a postdoctoral associate, where he provided decision support for the Ithaca Green New Deal to accelerate efforts to decarbonize Ithaca’s building stock until 2030. He previously taught at Cornell and UPenn.

Originally from Germany, Kastner holds a M.S. in Sustainable Building Science from TU Munich, and a B.S. in Energy Engineering from FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. While in Munich, he was fortunate enough to study at the Center for Digital Technology and Management and enjoyed his time leading the operations team at TEDxTUM.

Selected Publications

  1. A GAN-based Surrogate Model for Instantaneous Urban Wind Flow Prediction
    Kastner, Patrick,  and Dogan, Timur
    Building and Environment 2023
  2. Eddy3D: A toolkit for decoupled outdoor thermal comfort simulations in urban areas
    Kastner, Patrick,  and Dogan, Timur
    Building and Environment 2021
  3. Towards Safer Work Environments During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Study Of Different Floor Plan Layouts and Ventilation Strategies Coupling OpenFOAM and Airborne Pathogen Data for Actionable, Simulation-based Feedback in Design
    De Simone, ZoeKastner, Patrick,  and Dogan, Timur
    In Building Simulation Conference Proceedings 2021
  4. Surfer: A Fast Simulation Algorithm to Predict Surface Temperatures and Mean Radiant Temperatures in Large Urban Models
    Dogan, TimurKastner, Patrick,  and Mermelstein, Remy
    Building and Environment 2021